• 2. Exhibition at the Galerie of Kunsthaus Dahlem
  • Broken Identity
  • Joachim Gutsche’s 1950s and 1960s paintings
  • May 4th - September 5th 2016
  • The exhibition at Kunsthaus Dahlem showcases paintings from the 1950s and 1060s by the artist Joachim Gutsche. Those works have been rarely shown, particularly during the late years of the artist and after his death. Gutsche was increasingly marginalized even during his lifetime.

    The selection of works in this exhibition relates both towards the cultural and political situationin West-Berlin during those decases as well as to the works of this teacher at the art academy, Hans Uhlmann, whose work is presently also featured at Kunsthaus Dahlem.

Joachim Gutsche

Joachim Gutsche: „Der Hausfreund kommt mit Blumen“, 1966, Oil on Canvas, © Estate Gutsche