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    11.11.2018 –

    Getriebene Zeit

    Works by Thomas Lucker

    The sculptor Thomas Lucker calls his objects »Steinarchiv« (Stone Archive). His media are light and stone, his motives originate from private photo collections and often deal with biography and family history. He exposes Limestone sheets to light with photographs, primarily from the 1950s and 1960s and carves out the representation from the stone, using sponge and brush to add color. And so emerge heads, figures, and reliefs; whose layers, revisions, and overlapping stand in analogy to the process of saving memories and simultaneously are testimony of a collective memory

    Thomas Lucker, born 1959 near Cuxhaven, came from a sailor family. He was trained in stone carving and studied fine art in Hannover from 1986-1994. His first studio he founded 1987, since then he has realized various works in public space. Since 1996 Lucker has lives and works in Berlin. In 2008 he started work on »Steinarchiv«, an open series about memory and ephemerality that connects photography and sculpture.