Art after the Shoah

Wolf Vostell in dialogue with Boris Lurie

July 08 until October 30, 2022

Wolf Vostell, Shoah 1492–1945, 1997, Acryl und Beton auf Holz / Acrylic and concrete on panel, 270 x 660 cm. THE WOLF VOSTELL ESTATE. © 2022 VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Two artists, one theme – when Wolf Vostell (1932– 1998) and Boris Lurie (1924- 2008) met in the 1960s, they soon shared more than a deeply felt friendship. Both adopted political positions with their art, both conten- ded with the reappraisal of the inconceivable horrors of the Holocaust…

Upcoming tour in English language:

October 02
Tour with Karen Michelsen Castañón (artist and art mediator)


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Exhibition Tour with Eckhart Gillen

October 16, 2 pm

Registration is required.

Exhibition tours in English language

Sundays, 3.30 pm

02 Oct Tour with an art historian

30 Oct Tour with an art historian

This dialogical exhibition tour by an art mediator provides insight into Wolf Vostell and Boris Lurie artworks, their artistic manifests, as well as the building’s history and its use over the past decades. We take the artworks as a starting point for a joint conversation.

No Registration needed.

Free Entrance For Refugees

Freier Eintritt für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine / für alle geflüchteten Menschen (Bei Vorlage eines gültigen ukrainischen Ausweisdokuments / anderer Nachweis)

Free entrance for refugees from Ukraine / other refugees (Presentation of a valid Ukrainian identity document is needed / other document that proofs status)

Безкоштовний в’їзд для біженців з України (при пред’явленні дійсного українського документа, що посвідчує особу)