• June 14th, 2017 | 6 pm
  • „An Artists’ Quarter for Germania“
  • Talk at Haus der Wannseekonferenz with Dorothea Schöne
  • From 1939 to 1942, a State Atelier was built for the sculptor Arno Breker. It was planned a part of a larger complex of artists’ ateliers – those considered „gottbegnadet“ were meant to find their representational spaces here. Due to the outbreak of the war, Breker’s studio remained the only one realized out of twenty that were planned. After the war, the building was briefly used by the Soviet army before being turned over to the US Army when the neighborhood became part of the American sector in summer 1945. A year later, in 1946, the Americans turned the building over to the city of Berlin, who owns it to this day. Over the past decades, the building has been a mirror of the turbulent history of the city. At the same time, artists from around the world – as grantees of the German Academic Exchange Service as well as of the city of Berlin – have temporarily lived and worked here.

    Dorothea Schöne, curator and director of Kunsthaus Dahlem, will present the building’s fascinating and turbulent history from its early days under Arno Breker until the postwar years. After the talk, guests are invited for a reception on the terrace.

    Haus der Wannseekonferenz, Am Großen Wannsee 56-58, 14109 Berlin

    Entrance: Free

Modell des Staatsateliers Arno Breker von Hans Freese, 1940