• September 15th, 2017 | 7 pm
  • Celan interwoven
  • TriokubiK
  • CELAN INTERWOVEN joins together music, diction, dance, and the performing arts in a single performance. TriokubiK, dancers, and performers layer and interweave verbal, auditory, and physical images. Various viewing angles and artistic media allow the artists to explore the meaning of words, and thereby open the audience to a deeper level of comprehension thereof. The music program includes works with renditions of Celan’s poems (Roland Bittman, Gabriel Iranyi), correspondence with Ingeborg Bachmann (Iris ter Shiphorst), as well as his poetically inspired music (Sarah Nemtsov) and renditions of texts by Ingeborg Bachmann (Christina Cordelia Messner). Duration of the event: approx. 80-90 minutes. No intermission.

    Verena Rein, soprano
    Marika Gejrot, violincello, Martin Edin, piano
    Valeska Rein & Karoline Dettmann, dance/performance


    Eintritt: 10 – 15 EUR (nach Vermögen / sliding scale) an der Abendkasse.
    Vorbestellung möglich unter: 030/7841445 (AB) oder 0173/6213750