• July 7th, 2022 | 6 pm
  • DJ Chica Paula at Kunsthaus Dahlem
  • Paula Schopf aka Chica Paula has been part of Berlin’s club and creative scene since 1995 as a musician, sound artist and cultural provocateur. She was a member of the Ocean Club collective founded by Gudrun Gut and Thomas Fehlmann and played regularly at their club events and radio shows. Since 2003 she released several albums under her pseudonym Chica Paula on the two labels Monika Enterprise and Karaoke Kalk. Since her first music productions, Paula Schopf has been working with electronic sounds, using soundscapes and field recordings as aesthetic and compositional source material. In recent years, her practice has increasingly focused on the investigation of sound in urban space and its inherent social, historical and political realities.

    Her sound sets as DJ Chica Paula are refreshingly groovy, interwoven with surprising twists and very danceable.

DJ Chica Paula © Marco Microbi