• August 19th, 2017 | 18.00-24.00 pm
  • Long night of the Museums
  • We invite you for the following events:

    Der gelbe Kauz8pm guided tour and artist talk with Anja Gerecke and Stefan Rummel

    7pm and 9pm: Guided Tour with Dr. Dorothea Schöne (20mins)
    Dorothea Schöne, director of Kunsthaus Dahlem, guides through the current exhibition and gives a short introduction into the history of the building.

    9 – 9:30pm: PANIM EL PANIM (From Face to Face)
    composed by Sidney Corbett. With texts from the Bible and the Midrash, arranged by Almut Bruckstein
    Verena Rein, Soprano
    Marika Gejrot, Violoncello