• November 25th, 2017 | 19.30 pm
  • Soul, do not forget them
  • The Carl von Ossietzky-Choir to perform a requiem program as guests in the Kunsthaus Dahlem
  • The Carl-von-Ossietzky-Choir uses its program “Soul, do not forget them” to explore the themes of memory and forgetfulness. The concert’s title presents various multifaceted references; on the one hand, it quotes Peter Cornelius’ Requiem, one of the concert’s central pieces, in which Cornelius grapples commemorating the dead. On the other hand, it pays homage to Howard Goodall’s “In Memoriam Anne Frank”, as well as to pieces by the exiled composer “Franz Schreker”, and Paul Hindemith. Moreover, the performance corresponds thematically with its concert venue, namely Kunsthaus Dahlem; Schreker died in 1934, soon after his forced retirement, and was laid to rest in Dahlem’s Forest Cemetery. The grave is dedicates as honorary grave to the city of Berlin. Furthermore, the museum’s current exhibit “New/Old Homeland: R/Emigration of Artists After 1945” presents works from exiled and largely forgotten German artists. The sculptures and drawings of the exhibition serve as visual representations of the performance’s musical themes and references. The choir’s formation weaves through the spaces between the exhibition’s numerous sculptures, and thereby establishes an artistic connection between the two distinct artistic media.

    Goodall’s “In Memoriam Anne Frank,” arranged here for harp and choir, commemorates the young girl, similar to Scholl Siblings, whose courage, unerring tenacity, moral rectitude, and unwavering belief in human goodness and justice, should serve as a role model for all of us. Confidence, childish innocence, and a hopeful tone define this work. Harpist Anna Steinkogler accompanies the choir and enriches the performance with Paul Hindemith’s “Sonata for Harp.”

    Many exiled artists were unable to establish artistic careers in exile, and lacked public recognition after returning home; the concert’s goal is to bring these forgotten masters back into the realm of public memory. More broadly, the performance is aimed at sparking thought and discussion about the concepts of historical legacy, as well life and death. The Carl-von-Ossietzky-Choir invites the audience to take a moment to distance themselves from the fast-paced world in which we live, and to reflect on the importance of the deceased people that continue to play a role of significance in our lives, on both a personal and societal level.

    Admission: 12.00 €, reduced (for high school and university students and the severely disabled) 8.00 €

    Tickets online starting 10/01/2017 at www.ossietzkychor.de and at the Kunsthaus Dahlem during business hours. Remaining tickets at event starting 6:45 p.m.




Foto: copyright Jana v. Brandenstein