• August 9th, 2022 until August 12 2022
  • Summer Program at Kunsthaus Dahlem
  • 10 am – 2 pm / day

    For young people fom 10 to 12 years

    The two artists Wolf Vostell and Boris Lurie show that art can not only be beautiful, but also wants to effect or change something. With their works, they took a political stand – against war, contempt for humanity and cruelty of any kind. Even today, we are still preoccupied with similar themes: Pandemics, war, violence, environmental catastrophes, social injustice… There is a lot to do! What do you want to move? And what do you stand for? Using collage techniques, upcycling and striking statements, you can express your opinion. We will exhibit the results at Kunsthaus Dahlem. You are also welcome to share your ideas on Instagram under the hashtag #kunsthausdahlemberlin.

    The course refers to the exhibition “Art after the Shoah. Wolf Vostell in Dialogue with Boris Lurie.”

    The event is fully booked.

    A collaboration with: Jugend im Museum e.V.