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    Kunsthaus Dahlem

    Käuzchensteig 8
    14195 Berlin

    Tel. +49 30 83227 258 (administration)
    Tel. +49 30 89046 100 (café and entrance)




    Dr. Dorothea Schöne
    Managing Director and Curator

    Dr. Petra Gördüren
    Assistant to the Director and Project Management

    Anne Fäser
    Curator of Outreach

    Yevheniia Havrylenko
    Social Media Manager

    David Ludwig
    Project Manager for the Digital Transformation

    Philine Pahnke
    Academic Trainee

    Advisory Board
    Dr. Thomas Köhler
    Dr. Joachim Jäger
    Lina al-Slaiman
    Dr. Eckhart Gillen
    Dr. Angela Lammert
    Dr. Martina Weinland


    The Kunsthaus Dahlem currently has no vacancies.

    Please note that we do not accept any liability for unsolicited applications and will not accept returned applications for reasons of cost. We ask for your understanding.