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    Having fun learning with your own questions is the motto of our school offerings!

    Kinder und Jugendliche sitzen auf Hockern vor einem Kunstwerken. Sie betrachten das Bild und machen sich Notizen auf einen Block.Workshop, Kunsthaus Dahelm, 2022

    Offerings for pupils

    What are you committed to? What is important to you? What does all this have to do with you? In our school offerings, we encourage pupils to form their own opinion and discuss them in an active dialogue with others about post-war modern and contemporary art, the National Socialist era and the societies of today. An orientation to activity, interaction and approaches from artistic and political education promote the exchange. However, there is always room for having fun learning together!

    Our school offers…


    Offerings for educators

    In tours and workshops for teachers and educators, we offer information about our current exhibitions, the history of the Kunsthaus Dahlem as a former National Socialist state studio of the sculptor Arno Breker and insight into the contents of the school programme. In the process, we also provide access to our art and political education practices. If you are interested, please contact us at You can find current offers in the calendar.


    Cooperation projects

    The Kunsthaus Dahlem also works together with schools in project-based, long-term cooperation. Find out more about our current cooperation projects.



    Please contact us with your questions and interest at