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    What we stand for

    Kunsthaus Dahlem is an institution for the exhibition of post-war modern art in Germany. As such, we are bound to the principles of diversity, respect and integration. The values of freedom, human rights, democracy and constitutionality define our activities. Respectful and appreciative dealings with one another are self-explanatory. We actively counter discriminatory, derogative and ostracising behaviour and oppose nationalistic and extreme right-wing currents with commitment and emphasis.

    With our exhibition and programme concept, we wish to create a public and communicative space for all people, beyond their situatedness in terms of origin or social class. It is important to us that all people feel invited to enter into a dialogue with us and with other museum visitors, and to share their ideas and perspectives. Inclusion and accessibility are matters of central importance to us, because everyone has a right to visit our exhibitions without obstacles and to the greatest extent possible without assistance from others.

    We see ourselves as a learning institution and work in an interdisciplinary and participatory manner with various partners, initiatives and organisations. In this way we want to consider art from various perspectives within our exhibitions and education offerings, link historical questions with the present and from here open up the institution for other experiences and points of view. To this purpose, we also critically reflect upon our own structures and work methods and are open to initiating development processes and changes resulting from the cooperation.