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    Kunsthaus Dahlem sees itself as a creative place for encounters. We believe that art is there for everyone.

    In our offerings, we strive to discover the exhibitions, enter into a dialogue, ask questions, exchange different points of view, become creative and have fun together with our visitors! We work with various partners and bring together our public, artists, cultural actors and the neighbourhood to incorporate different perspectives, experiences and a wide range of knowledge into our programme. Given the history of the building, which was built during the period of National Socialism, we especially seek to promote the contention of the younger generation with social and political questions, but also reach those visitors who tend less to occupy themselves with art in its present and historical context.


    You can find more information about our outreach programme and our offerings at the website under calendar or in our newsletter. Please feel free to express your interest and send your feedback and suggestions to


    Head: Anne Fäser (she/her), Curator of Education and Outreach

    Freelance art educators: Karen Michelsen Castañón (artist, art educator), Marian Fuchs (artist, art educator), Anna Meerwein (artist, art educator), Tanja-Bianca Schmidt (art historian, art educator)