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    Opening hours

    Wednesday–Monday, 11 am – 5 pm,
    Every 3rd Thursday longer opening hours until 8:00 pm.
    closed Tuesdays




    6 Euro regular
    4 Euro reduced
    Combination Ticket with Brücke-Museum:
    8 Euro regular, 5 Euro reduced.


    Reduced-rate entrance:

    Students, Unemployed, Berlinpass holders, those undertaking a professional workplacement or traineeship, members of the federal volunteer service, members of the military or civil service
    Groups of 10 people or more
    Pensioners (on presentation of the relevant identification information)
    People with severe disabilities upon presentation of a severely disabled person’s ID card

    Free entrance:

    Children and students under 19 years old (on presentation of student identification)
    Students in the German universities and academies of fine or applied arts
    Holders of a valid Press ID card
    Members of the International Council of Museums, ICOM, (who can be identified as such)
    Employees of the museum (who can be identified as such)
    Recognised helpers of people with severe disabilities

    Free entrance for refugees from Ukraine / other refugees (Presentation of a valid Ukrainian identity document is needed / other document that proofs status). Безоплатний вхід для біженок і біженців з України (за умови пред’явлення дійсного документа, що посвідчує особу та підтверджує громадянство України / інших документів, котрі підтверджують статус).