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    Opening. Kunst nach der Shoah© Kunsthaus Dahlem

    Art needs friends

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    The Freundeskreis Kunsthaus Dahlem – Bernhard Heiliger e. V. has sponsored the Kunsthaus Dahlem since its founding in 2015. Its members support all activities of the institution with their membership fees and donations. They make a central contribution to designing the Kunsthaus and its sculpture garden as a multifaceted and lively place.

    Become a member of our “circle of friends” and you too can help the Kunsthaus Dahlem maintain and further expand upon its position in the Berlin museum landscape. The Kunsthaus Dahlem is the only exhibition location in Berlin dedicated to post-war German modern art. At the same time, it strives for a critical coming to terms with the National Socialist era and addresses the early history of its construction and usage as the studio of the sculptor Arno Breker.

    The Kunsthaus Dahlem needs friends and sponsors who share an enthusiasm for this unique location for its programme. They support exhibitions and publications, events and educational projects.

    The members are united not only by civic engagement and a common goal, but also by a lively interest in art. The Freundeskreis therefore offers a varied event programme. This encompasses exclusive tours, studio visits, day excursions and art journeys as well as many other exciting activities.

    7 good reasons for a Freundeskreis membership

    You are part of a circle of friends of art and sponsors and participate in an animated exchange revolving around questions of art and culture

    • You are regularly informed about activities, events and exhibitions of the Kunsthaus Dahlem.
    • You have free admission to all exhibitions.
    • You participate in events of the Kunsthaus Dahlem at a reduced price.
    • You will receive select publications of the institution at a preferred price.
    • You can participate in the exclusive event programme of the Freundeskreis with tours, events and excursions.
    • Your annual membership fee and other donations are tax-deductible.