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    23.09.2023 –

    Bram Braam, Marta Dyachenko, Friedemann Grieshaber, Noa Heyne
    in Dialogue with Peter László Péri

    »Sculptures and reliefs have been cast in concrete ever since the beginning of its use for building, but modelling in concrete is comparatively new. After many years of experiment, I have found that this method of modelling has many advantages. The sculpture which gets stone hard during the process of modelling retains the freshness of conception and is a unique work as a carving«, Peter Lázló Péri noted in 1951. The artist used this material programmatically, even naming a production process after himself and the English name for this material with the term »Pericrete«.

    Four contemporary artists residing in Berlin, Bram Braam, Marta Dyachenko, Friedemann Grieshaber and Noa Heyne, have also dedicated themselves to this material. They also disengage the material concrete from its purely functional use in construction and transfer it into a borderland between architecture and sculpture. All four positions thereby also epitomise something fluid, so to speak – whether this is the putatively arbitrary installation site of Marta Dyachenko’s ships, the soft entwining of metal in the wall reliefs of Noa Heyne or even the fragmentary aspect in the wall reliefs of Bram Braam, which are reminiscent of torn off poster walls. And finally, one finds the erratic moment of a pictorial invention in flux in the re-composition of repeating geometric elements in each of the relief panels of Friedemann Grieshaber.

    As part of the exhibition: PÉRI’S PEOPLE – Peter László Péri (1899–1967)

    Opening: Friday, 22.09.2023 | 19:00 – Find out more here