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    28.08.2016 –

    CONTEMPORARY ART INTERVENTIONS in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden

    Fotografie der Performance von Franziska Stolzenau mit dem Titel »Block«
    Franziska Stolzenau (*1986 in Weimar), Block, (20204144, 2016 / Performance

    Kunsthaus Dahlem is currently presenting a series of contemporary art interventions in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. 18 students from the classes of Professor Ralf Kerbach and Professor Christian Sery present their work for two weeks each in the course of six months. Each piece is a response to either the history of the building and its use or to the current permanent exhibition. The intervention series starts during the Long Night of the Museums on August 27th 2016.

    August 27th – September 11th 2016:
    Robert Czolkoß, Christopher Putbrese, Romin Walter
    September 24th – October 09th 2016:
    Julia Langhammer, Hamid Yaraghchi, Tillman Ziola
    October 22th – November 06th 2016:
    Alum Lee, Maximilian Stühlen, Michael Wagner
    November 19th – December 04th 2016:
    Lena Dobner, Lion Hoffmann, Mona Pourebrahim, Annika Stoll, Franziska Stolzenau
    December 17th – January 08th 2017:
    Michael Broschmann, Jessica Ostrowicz, Janina Stach, Shengjie Zong

    Finissage: Friday 6th January 2017, 19h