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    PÉRI BAR Exhibition tour, drink and music Visual language and materiality of Peter László Péri With the art historian Tanja-Bianca Schmidt

    Featured image: Peter László Péri. Pub, 1938. © The Estate of Peter Laszlo Peri. DACS Photo: Jake Walters.

    How can social contexts be translated into visual language? What materiality is suitable for this?

    In a dialogical exhibition tour (DE), art historian Tanja-Bianca Schmidt explores Péri’s mode of expression, with which he wanted to express a political statement, and in this context also asks about the role of the material concrete, which the artist used for his works.

    Cost: 8 € plus entrance fee


    Tanja-Bianca Schmidt is a freelance curator and art historian with a focus on Black identity, the aesthetics of migration and the methodology of anti-racist art history. She is a facilitator for the Ethnological Museum, the Brücke Museum and the Kunsthaus Dahlem. She is currently studying for a PhD at TU Dresden.