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    Featured image: Peter László Péri. Help Your Neighbour, ca. 1960. © The Estate of Peter Laszlo Peri. DACS Photo: Jake Walters.

    In this dialogical exhibition tour (in English), an art mediator provides insights into the exhibition of Peter László Péri and the history of the Kunsthaus Dahlem building, as well as its use over the past decades. We take the works of art as a starting point for a joint conversation.

    Art always reveals its secrets to us when we get involved, without distraction and by simply looking at the works of art. Suddenly, we recognize something. The Swiss art dealer, collector and art researcher Walter Feilchenfeldt lets us see and marvel. His illustrated book DON’T THINK, BUT LOOK! A View of Painting over Seven Centuries…

    Featured image: Michelle Martins Carvalho. Artemis, from the series »Between Heaven and Earth«, Berlin, 2020. © Michelle Martins Carvalho.

    Under the guidance of the photographer Michelle Martins Carvalho and the art educator Barbara Antal, in this workshop children work face-to-face with their companions to take personal portraits and, along the way, learn simple photography techniques. As a result, portrait photos of unique observational styles are created.

    For whom? For children from 6 years upwards and their adult companions.


    11:00 – 17:00

    Museum Sunday

    Admission and the program are free.


    Inclusive exhibition tours with different sensory experiences and creative methods for children and adults with and without disabilities. With Anna Meerwein and Tanja-Bianca Schmidt (artists and art educators).   Participation free of charge, admission only. We ask for registration until 31.11.2023 here or at or by phone at 030 – 83 22 72-58.  

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