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    Featured image: Peter László Péri. Pub, 1938. © The Estate of Peter Laszlo Peri. DACS Photo: Jake Walters.

    How can social contexts be translated into visual language? What materiality is suitable for this? In a dialogical exhibition tour (DE), art historian Tanja-Bianca Schmidt explores Péri’s mode of expression, with which he wanted to express a political statement, and in this context also asks about the role of the material concrete, which the artist…

    Featured image: Peter László Péri. Help Your Neighbour, ca. 1960. © The Estate of Peter Laszlo Peri. DACS Photo: Jake Walters.

    In this dialogical exhibition tour (in German), the artist and art mediator Marian Fuchs provides insights into the exhibition of Peter László Péri and the history of the Kunsthaus Dahlem building, as well as its use over the past decades. We take the works of art as a starting point for a joint conversation.

    Apollon, aus der Serie “Zwischen Himmel und Erde”, Berlin, 2020, Foto: © Michelle Martins Carvalho

    What makes a good portrait? How can I capture the true personality of my subject in a single photograph? And is that even possible? In this workshop, we will learn to observe subjects closely and develop the sensitivity to perceive subtle gestures, expressions and facial expressions that give each portrait its uniqueness. We will work…


    11:00 – 17:00

    Museum Sunday

    © Museumssonntag

    Admission and the programme are free.

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