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    Kunsthaus Dahlem is proud to present four of the most important representatives of unofficial art of the GDR, with works from the late 1960s to the 1980s. With their abstract compositions, all four worked independently from the official art world and searched for a niche for artistic expression within their socio-cultural framework. Next to prominent…

    16.03.2018 –

    Carl-Heinz Kliemann - Early Works

    Carl-Heinz Kliemann
Landschaft mit gelbem Haus, Tempera auf Papier, Berlin, 1950
Carl-Heinz-und-Helga-Kliemann-Stiftung/Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin
VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2018 Aufnahme von Sammlungsgut 2017

    The painter Carl-Heinz Kliemann (1924–2016) is one of Berlin’s most important postwar painters. Two years after his death, the Kunsthaus Dahlem, in cooperation with the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Carl-Heinz und Helga Kliemann Stiftung, is dedicating an exhibition to the artist’s work from 1945 to 1960. In addition to Berlin cityscapes, landscapes are one…


    From June 30th 2017 to June 17th 2018 Kunsthaus Dahlem presents the group exhibition New/Old Homeland. Artist’s R/emigration after 1945 with appr. 50 works by 15 artists. In the exhibition, various topics and issues are being addressed: Emigrant artists, who were unable to return to Germany after WWII; exiled artists whose reception and recognition in…

    Armin Stern, Luna Park in Coney Island, 1939, Öl auf Leinwand, Nachlass Armin Stern, Foto: Gerhard Haug, Berlin Armin Stern, Luna Park in Coney Island, 1939, Öl auf Leinwand, Nachlass Armin Stern, Foto: Gerhard Haug, Berlin

    The Kunsthaus Dahlem will exhibit, for the first time ever in Berlin, works by the Jewish painter Armin Stern, largely forgotten after years of living in exile. Born in 1883 in Galánta, Austria-Hungary, near today’s Bratislava, Slovakia, Stern studied painting beginning in 1900 in several cities that he resided in, including Frankfurt, Munich and Paris,…

    Fotografie der Installation im Skulpturengarten des Kunsthaus Dahlem.

    With the installation „Der gelbe Kauz“, artists Anja Gerecke and Stefan Rummel present a new work created specifically for Kunsthaus Dahlem’s sculpture garden. In their mixed-media intervention, they examine the development of sculpture, architecture and its impact on the spectator, color as a trigger for emotions and sound as a metaphor for time and process.…

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