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    Abbildung der Lithografie »Kaiserliche Pfalz« von Bernhard Heiliger aus dem Jahr 1967. Bernhard Heiliger, Kaiserliche Pfalz, Lithografie, Berlin, 1967

    In 1966, Berlin sculptor Bernhard Heiliger created the stage design for the production of Faust II of his friend, the actor and director Ernst Schröder, at Schiller Theater. His concept was that of a sculpture, within which the actors could move. The production was a collaboration also with the painter Alexander Camaro, who created the…

    09.09.2016 –


    Symbol der Künstlergruppe »Prolog«. Symbol der Künstlergruppe »Prolog«.

    The exhibition Prologue re-introduces a group of art lovers and artists, who got initiated a supporting group in Berlin-Dahlem in autumn of 1946. Prologue was a network, whose members consisted of members of the American Military Administration as well as German artists, art historians and curators. Today, the group and their activities is almost forgotten,…

    Fotografie der Performance von Franziska Stolzenau mit dem Titel »Block« Franziska Stolzenau (*1986 in Weimar), Block, (20204144, 2016 / Performance

    Kunsthaus Dahlem is currently presenting a series of contemporary art interventions in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. 18 students from the classes of Professor Ralf Kerbach and Professor Christian Sery present their work for two weeks each in the course of six months. Each piece is a response to either the…

    Flyer zur Kooperationsausstellung mit der Rudolf Steiner Schule Dahlem. Flyer zur Kooperationsausstellung mit der Rudolf Steiner Schule Dahlem.

    For the second time, students of nearby Rudolf-Steiner-School present their works at Kunsthaus Dahlem. After reflecting upon the current exhibition, students have created their own works and artistic responses, which are now being shown at the museum. Opening: October 7th 2016, 5pm

    Abbildung des Gemäldes »Der Hausfreund kommt mit Blumen« von Joachim Gutsche aus dem Jahr 1966. Joachim Gutsche: »Der Hausfreund kommt mit Blumen«, 1966, Öl auf Leinwand, © Nachlass Gutsche test

    The exhibition at Kunsthaus Dahlem showcases paintings from the 1950s and 1060s by the artist Joachim Gutsche. Those works have been rarely shown, particularly during the late years of the artist and after his death. Gutsche was increasingly marginalized even during his lifetime. The selection of works in this exhibition relates both towards the cultural…

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